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Everbond Microcredit Ltd.

EVERBOND MICROCREDIT LTD is a financial institution permitted to extend loans to Micro-Small-and-Medium-Scale Enterprises (MSMEs). We offer loans to salaried workers, groups and artisans associations in primarily the following (but not restricted) sectors: governmental and local authorities, trade, services, hospitality, manufacturing and production, and restaurateurs. We also accept and facilitate Mobile Money transfers for all the major Telecommunication service providers.

Personal Loans

These loans are designed for individual salaried workers with a minimum of one full year employment record and time with current employer not less than 1 year. Loans may be used for Rent Advances, Education Support, Funeral Expenses, and Home Improvement.

Trade Loans

These loans are designed for businesses (SMEs) to fix their short term working capital needs. We offer flexible terms to include the options of fixed or variable payments depending on the business’s cash flows. Trade Loans can also be used to augment suppliers’ contracts for genuine cases of order to supply but without the requisite funds to execute the order.

Import Loans

These loans are designed to facilitate the clearing of goods imported from abroad with the condition that, the imported goods were brought in for commercial purposes and would be sold or delivered for cash upon clearing. Loan terms and frequency of payments depends on type of goods.

Group Loans

These loans are designed to meet the needs of petty traders, union partnerships, artisan groups and other registered communal associations who are engaged in a recognised micro economic activity. The minimum group size is 10, and each group must be registered with their own elected leaders.

Asset Loans

These are loans designed mainly to be used for the purchase of cars for personal or commercial uses but other asset purchases may be considered depending on type and use. Clients would be required to contribute a minimum of 25% of the cost of vehicle or asset. Vehicles thus purchased would be registered to Everbond microcredit Limited, and ownership would be transferred to client upon full payment of loan.

Venture Partnership

We look forward to partner small businesses with promising potential for exponential growth to achieve their aims by offering both financial support and management expertise. If you have a bullish business idea which is yet to take off or you operate an existing business which requires funding to meet its aims but you do not have adequate funds or collateral, we may be able to help.

Market segments

SMEs and MSMEs

Asset finance (Car Loans)

Salary loans

Group Loans